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why greencap equity

Greencap Equity core objective is to create value for our stakeholders, investing across a broad range of industries, from small to medium size firms in Sub Saharan Africa, with strong core characteristics such as offering a sector-disruptive business model, and significant growth potential over the medium to long term.



We are an ambitious organization led by talented people, who can demonstrate a blend of vision and business flair, alongside a differentiated and competitive proposition. Our management team and policies are governed by strong corporate governance culture.


Our approach is to understand not only the numbers, but also the commercial and social issues facing each venture. A key objective for us at Greencap Equity is to provide high quality investment to businesses not just in terms of finances, but  help the management team define and evolve its strategic plan to achieve its overall vision and objective.


We can provide you with the technology, financial, strategic and operational input, to support the continued growth of the business and achieve the optimum value for all stakeholders.

At Greencap Equity we pride ourselves with the following.......

We invest early at Greencap Equity

We build and maintain sustainable business partnership

We ensure profit maximization for all our stakeholders

We invest in multiple sectors of the economy

Our Investments are informed

We focus on innovative ideas and value creation

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